Monday, June 30, 2008

Human Rights

HRR2007Malaysia Human Rights Report 2007: Civil and Political Rights by SUARAM (RM 22.00)

SUARAM publishes its Human Rights Report on Malaysia every year without fail. This report is now widely recognised as the most objective, comprehensive and dependable source of information on the state of human rights in Malaysia.

In this 2007 report, we note that on this 50th year of Malaysia's independence, the state institutions intended to safeguard human rights failed to deliver...

The SUARAM Human Rights Report on Civil and Political Rights 2007 documents these human rights violations and the unrelenting struggles of human rights defenders to promote democracy and human rights in Malaysia.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A KL guide

The Kuala Lumpur Complete Residents' Guide (RM 75.50)

KL GuideThe foreword to The Kuala Lumpur Complete Residents' Guide says:
Whether you are only just starting to think about moving to Kuala Lumpur, or reading this on the plane, or you're an old-time expat who's lived there for years, well done for picking up the right book. It's not really meant for tourists who are looking for the best Twin Tower photo op -- it's written for you, the intrepid resident who knows the value of year-round sunshine.

The Kuala Lumpur Complete Residents' Guide has been meticulously researched and written by a team of seven city experts – some locals, some expats – who not only know the city inside out, but love it too... This talented bunch have scoured all areas to bring you the lowdown on all the things that are most important to a resident of Kuala Lumpur...

Although the book is aimed at expatriate residents, having glanced through the volume, we find that there are lots of information in there (not in the eleast of it, telephone numbers) suitable for locals as well. Let's face it, there are many parts of KL even people who have lived here for 50 years don't know about.