Friday, May 15, 2009

Folk Tales from Malaysia and Germany

Kisah Dongeng dan Cerita Rakyat Malaysia& Jerman edited by Holger Warnk & Volker Wolf (RM 30.00)

Antologi dwibahasa ini memperkenalkan pembaca kepada kisah dongeng dan cerita rakyat Malaysia dan Jerman. Kisah dongeng dan cerita rakyat Malaysia dan Jerman ini membantu pembaca memahami budaya lain di samping memberikan keseronokan estetika apabila yang tersembunyi dalam aliran peristiwa sehari-hari yang dilukiskan melalui kisah yang dipaparkan. Buku ini diselenggarakan oleh Holgar Warnk dan Dr Volker Wolf dan diterbitkan oleh Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia dengan kerjasama Goethe-Institut Malaysia.

Other new books:

  • Tribal Communities in the Malay World edited by Geoffrey Benjamin & Cynthia Chou (RM 145.00)
  • Unmasking Najib by Lim Kit Siang (RM 20.00)
  • Najib's Challenge: Glory or Oblivion by Barry Wain (RM 10.00)
  • Malaysia at the Crossroads: A Socialist Perspective by Jeyakumar Devaraj (RM 15.00
  • Ceritalah 3: Malaysia A Dream Deferred by Karim Raslan (RM 32.00)

Friday, May 01, 2009

New book by Tash Aw

Map of the Invisible World by Tash Aw (RM 64.90)

From the author of the internationally acclaimed, Costa Award-winning The Harmony Silk Factory comes an enthralling new novel that evokes an exotic yet turbulent and often frightening world. 16-year-old Adam is an orphan three times over. He and his older brother, Johan, were abandoned by their mother as children; he watched as Johan was adopted and taken away by a wealthy couple; and he had to hide when Karl, the Dutch man who raised him, was arrested by soldiers during Sukarno's drive to purge 1960s Indonesia of its colonial past. Adam sets out on a quest to find Karl, but all he has to guide him are some old photos and letters, which send him to the colourful, dangerous capital, Jakarta. Johan, meanwhile, is living a seemingly carefree, privileged life in Malaysia, but is careening out of control, unable to forget the long-ago betrayal of his helpless, trusting brother.

Other new Malaysian books on the shelf:

Taxi Tales on a Crooked Bridge by Charlene Rajendran (RM 28.00)

Sejarah Melayu (Paperback, RM 45.00)

Leyden's Malay Annals (Paperback, RM 55.00)

Malay Annals (Paperback, RM 45.00)