Friday, September 30, 2011

A turtle tale

Puteri Tioman The Green Turtle by Rossiti Aishah Rashidi (RM 32.00)

Around the island of Tioman, in the deep blue sea, is a beautiful green turtle. Her name is Puteri Tioman and this is her story.

Puteri Tioman The Green Turtle is both a story and a guidebook about the threats turtles face in order to survive and what we can do to help.

Other new Malaysian titles:

1) Amerika by Ridhwan Saidi (RM 25.00)
2) Sini Sana: Travels in Malaysia edited by Tom Sykes & Tam May Lee (RM 35.90)
3) Nurul Asyikin by Aloy Paradoks (RM 20.00)
4) Catatan Pengingat Buat Kawan dan Lawan (RM 30.00)
5) Jerat by Dayang Noor (RM 20.00)
6) Ngeri by Gina Yap Lai Yoong (RM 16.00)
7) The Ecokids and the Paper Problem by Fay Khoo & Asha Gill (RM 10.00)
8) Found in Malaysia Vol 2 (RM 50.00)
9) Memahat Lekukan Sejarah: Sebuah Travelog BERSIH 2.0 edited by Riduan Mohamad Nor (RM 18.00)
10) RESET: Menimbang Kembali Paradigma Politik Malaysia by Suflan Shamsuddin (RM 30.00)
11) Patriots & Pretenders: The Malayan Peoples' Independence Struggle by Kua Kia Soong (RM28.00)
12) An Uncommon Hero: M.K. Rajakumar in Politics and Medicine by Tan Pek Leng (RM 70.00)
13) 9 July 2011 What really Happened edited by Nathaniel Tan (RM 30.00)
14) Ipoh, My Home Town Edited by Commander Ian Anderson (RM 100.00)
15) Legacy Cook Book by Sarawak Eurasian Association (RM 88.00)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Of lovers and ghosts

Growing Up with Ghosts -- by Bernice Chauly (Matahari Books, RM40.00)

She is Chinese, he is Punjabi. It is 1966. Loh Siew Yoke and Surinder Singh fall in love and marry but face opposition from their families. Their first child brings peace, but tragedy soon strikes.

Haunted by the untimely death of her father, Malaysian writer Bernice Chauly embarks on a journey to unravel the mystery surrounding a curse that is thought to have plagued her family. She traces a hundred years of her family history to Fatshan, China and Verka, India to recount and relive her ancestors’ lives against the histories of India, China, Singapore and Malaya. Through prose, letters and journals in different voices, the author creates a layered portrait of how two families traversed time to collide through love and death.

Growing up with Ghosts is a moving memoir of the author coming to terms with grief, history and bloodlines.

Other new malaysian books on the shelf:

  1. Tulip in the Desert
  2. The 4 Pillars of Islam
  3. Bahasa melayu Bahasa Dunia
  4. Cheng Ho Muslim Tionghua
  5. Musium Negara
  6. Malaysian Youth in Global World
  7. Yes, Jom Ubah
  8. Modern Muslim Identities